Gemini brings positive energy

As always, the month of July is dedicated to the star sign Gemini.

Astro barometer June 2018 

Gemini shows his speedy side.

In this current month, Gemini is in a very good position. This brings out all the positive qualities of this star sign. In addition, a planet will support Gemini particularly well this month. That gives him positive energy.

The planet we are talking about is Mars.

The quality of Gemini is often this special craft skill, his speed and his talent to make a variety of things simultaneously. This speed and agility is one of the aspects of Gemini. Mars makes a very good aspect to Gemini this time. So these qualities of the star sign are particularly strongly supported.

Mars supports Gemini very much.

This means that everything works much better and smoother or even faster. It is good to know that Gemini is actually a very quick sign and tends to organize things very quickly and to get done. Sometimes he also does two or three things in parallel and gets confused with his plans in certain situations.

Do more in a short time!

At the moment it can happen that there is a strong impulse due to this extra energy of Mars. They are especially prone to doing and doing more, and even faster. There is a slight overactivity. This hyperactivity manifests itself in the variety of projects and plans that you want to realize in less time. The motto is – do more in less time!

That can work very well too. But you can also mess things up a bit. You then no longer know exactly where you stand and which topic you are currently dealing with.

My advice for July.

My recommendation for this month – more to approach the projects chronologically than usual. Otherwise things will get mixed up or your plans will be mixed more easily than usual.

Astrolocal trend Gemini

This twin energy is palpable for many of us.

Of course, this energy is not only up-to-date and active for the people with the Zodiac sign Gemini. It is especially noticeable for those in whose horoscope, the twin is very strong. Be it through certain constellations or the twin aspect, it is emphasized by different astrological weights.

It is also a bit difficult for the zodiac Sagittarius. Because Sagittarius are addressed by this twin energy also stronger this month. So there is a wider range of people that will have a noticeable impact.

Enjoyment and company is announced.

Otherwise, Gemini is actually very good for your social life. One of the important aspects this month is to enjoy the social, to just do more or find fun for yourself.

The two main energies for the month of June, on the one hand, are to have a relaxed mood in order to implement these energies very well throughout the month. And secondly, in some situations, probably having to improvise a bit. Because this strong activity affects a lot of people, we will meet with it either way.

Another astrological tip!

Maybe we’ll mess up ourselves or get bogged down. Therefore, I would also recommend that the activities or projects are not so heavily programmed or planned. But a bit of laxity on the schedule or daily schedule is required, so that not everything gets mixed up too much.

So this improvisation in the relaxation is my tip this month. I wish you a lot of fun in implementing this twin energy in the month of June and until next time!

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