Astrology Oktober Venus and Mars

The planets Venus and Mars

Astrology October 2018

Venus put us into good humor

The month of October is the month of Libra. This means that in October, the topics of the zodiac sign are very much in the foreground. These themes are harmony, mood and balance. Enjoyment, companies with other people and, of course, interpersonal relationships are addressed.

In this month, the mood has a very strong relevance. When the sun is in Libra, it is not usually the case that the mood is so strongly addressed.

But this month of October 2018, the mood is very much in focus and more relevant than usual. This has to do with Venus in part. The planet Venus is one of the planets responsible for the mood. The fact that the mood is so important means that you value more than usual the daily experiences and the daily routine according to what you felt and experienced.

Astrologie Venus Mars

Relationships are in the foreground

Thus, the iterpersonal relationships, the communication and the confrontation with everyday situations get more importance for you and bring you a good feeling. In these situations you only want good experiences. Still, you try to bring performance into your experience and doing. It feels like you’re socializing the entire month of October.

It means that above all a pleasant mood is important to you. When you are on the move, you will first see how the mood of the environment affects you. Feeling good and having a good exchange with other people is important to you. In short, if you travel socially, you also want to experience good experiences and stimulating communication. This plays an important role in the professional field, but of course this is also very relevant in private life.

In search of the feel-good experience.

This month of October, this mood is very much in the foreground and also very active. He pushes you in activities. By focusing attention on how communication takes place socially and with our fellow human beings. The need behind it is to experience good experiences, so that this mood is increased. They feel better and happier when these fulfilling encounters take place.

In October it is always about getting a feel-good experience.


Some days are a bit more difficult.

Of course there are some difficulties to overcome this month as well. Especially on individual days, not everything will always work so smoothly. In this context, it is always about to experience these moods optimally. But if you do not succeed, you feel depressed or maybe even slightly blocked.

The planet Venus challenges us very much. The energy of the planet Venus pushes or or tempts us to go forward to experience this mood and harmony particularly strong.

The individual days that could be more difficult are 5, 10 and 18 October . On these days Venus is under more pressure. You will also recognize how strongly you react to moods in your life or that you might be influenced by them.

These are not bad days. But you may get irritated faster these days or you are more likely to be upset. The experiences are of course quite different than you have planned for the day. This will make your inner pressure stronger.

Astrologie Oktober

Mars brings support

Another aspect that is active this month is the energy of the planet Mars. This active energy will bring you support. It also makes you want to get things done faster than you usually do.

Peak performance and pressure

Mars is the planet of activity and the company. Due to his good position, he also leads us to want to achieve maximum performance. Sometimes we feel our inner pressure more through him. This will be especially noticeable at the end of October.

In summary, the month of October 2018 is a very atmospheric, active month. We are driven by different energies that are not always so clear to us. It becomes visible to you in your state of mind and the special experiences that you can have. Often, when these energies are too strongly represented, it also causes a high or low in the experiences.