Astrological aspects 2018

Astrological aspects and trends

There are some main astrological aspects we will meet this and the next years.

The astrological year 2018

Three major astrological aspects and energies accompany us through the year 2018.

  • A very exciting year for our further development and dealing with the matter
  • Jupiter in Scorpio – Stimulates our inner transformation in the positive
  • Saturn in Capricorn – feel the body and discover our muse
  • Uranus in the Taurus – are you happy?
  • Uranus and Jupiter opposition – a tense relationship
  • The fight for the money


This astrological constellation stimulates our change and transformation.

Jupiter is recently in the sign of the Scorpio . His transit to Scorpio took place in October 2017. This important event will accompany us energetically and astrologically throughout 2018.

The energies of Jupiter in Scorpio exert a very significant influence. Jupiter evokes the energy of transformation in us . We create change and the star sign Scorpio stimulates our inner transformation.

This transformation has a positive effect , as we address and develop important issues.

Sometimes we also face complications. We govern too much on things that do not work or on the strenuous energies of situations or people.

This is the first astrologically important main energy of 2018.

The second strong energy of this year brings Saturn in Capricorn.

Astrology forecast 2018


The planet Saturn gives us time!

The astrological impact of the energy of Saturn begins around December 20. 2017 and accompanies us for two and a half years .

Saturn is the planet associated with time.

He sets the timeframe. It speeds up or slows down and thus sets the speed . Depending on the particular aspects that affect him, we see his impact on time with speed or slowdown.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn . As a result, the original astrological energy of Saturn in this zodiac is now particularly strong advantage .

It promotes the sense of regularity and tradition. He acts on things that have continuity in time and he looks at permanent development or activities. Saturn in Capricorn affects the feast in life or matter.

The Astrological Challenge 2018

Our space for further development opens up.

These two astrological aspects and tendencies are about our inner development or our progress in life . We pick up topics and life themes that may already be there and that are driven by these energies. Jupiter and Saturn open up the space for our further development this year in 2018.

Everything is about matter in 2018.

Since Saturn is very strongly linked to matter, this year it is mostly about matter. Similarly, Jupiter in Scorpio is a sign of matter and the sign of the scorpion is also sensually related to matter.

These two astrological aspects of Saturn and Jupiter are about a strong examination of matter. Matter not only means money, but all values ​​associated with matter are addressed. These are, for example, houses, cars, foundations that are linked to solid matter. Also, the sofa on which I sit is one of them.


A powerful astrological aspect!

In mid-May 2018 , a new aspect comes into our lives, which brings the planet Uranus with it. Uranus changes from the Aries to Taurus. Uranus is a very slow planet and stays in a zodiac sign for a long time. So he spends the next seven years in Taurus.

This transit of Uranus in Taurus has a greater significance for us and usher in a new phase .

Material values ​​and enjoyment.

Taurus is also about material values. The down to earth, the commercial, the enjoyment and also the money are addressed in this zodiac sign. It shows in different forms of matter.

Our need for freedom comes with surprises.

With Uranus, the feeling of freedom is in the foreground. He helps us to relieve constraints and routines, sometimes rituals. The quick, the sudden that goes to impatience, is brought into our lives by him.

Astrological Aspects and Trends

The planet Uranus is also often associated with a surprise effect. We live a very long time in a certain situation and by asudden realization we want to bring about a quick change immediately. This includes not only the desire for change, but especially for a free dealing with a situation or life situation.

These three astological aspects will be particularly relevant in 2018.

Uranus and Jupiter are in opposition.

This particular tension between these two planets prevails from mid-May and manifests itself in various areas of life. Thus the opposition takes place on the one hand with Jupiter in Scorpio and on the other side with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus is not so favorable in Taurus for this constellation. Taurus speaks to our values. And with Uranus in Taurus, there may suddenly be a change or a change in our beliefs . For example, we recognize that our professional direction is no longer appropriate for us. Or we feel it is time to give ourselves more freedom because we are too involved in life situations.

Tense relationship.

These two tendencies are not always so easy to reconcile.

 Taurus is conformist as it adapts to difficulties and situations. Uranus is the innovator and confuses the conventions. He turns everything a bit on the head.

It does not have to be as dramatic as it sounds. We may be dissatisfied with our life situation. Now we begin to see that we have become dependent on certain situations. For example too much depending on our professional environment or similar. Self-imposed and longer-lived situations no longer fulfill us as we did at the beginning.

It is possible for us to change.

Now there are possibilities to find solutions in different steps. This ranges from minor adjustments to major changes or a completely new way of life. The renewing energy of Uranus also makes a complete change possible .


Despite the positive, it is announced to pay attention to Jupiter.

Astrologically, Uranus and Saturn are in a very positive context this year. When it comes to Jupiter, sometimes you have to take a closer look. At certain times in 2018, Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus.

The financial will be addressed again.

These two energies play each other and lead to intense processes in ourselves or collectively. In the collective area, for example, the financial issue is addressed. Jupiter is also responsible for money. And Scorpio is about the fight for money. It’s about fighting through life.

Taurus is also the matter and the financial. This can mean a further development. I see that neutrally and depending on the situation it shows itself in good or bad.

These developments will suddenly come to us without foreseeing it. Or they can arrive faster than expected.

Look at job changes from different angles!

In the case of a career change, we should look at whether it is a good time for this change. Whether the change of occupation brings benefits or will not satisfy us is due to various aspects. We tend to see the financial advantage. But professional decisions are above all about quality of life and freedom . The question is whether we should subordinate everything to this topic.

In everyday life, we engage in routine through regularity. This brings the star sign Taurus with it. They often fall under tradition and in reality do not always do anything. So it can be easy that we want to have renewals in everyday life.

Time for us and our hobbies.

For example, we come to the conclusion that our hobby is not as fulfilling as it was at the beginning. So we want to tackle something else. Or the opposite happens and we want to spend more time on ourselves. So that we can pursue a hobby in the first place and get a sense of freedom .

This sense of freedom is very important in 2018. Depending on our situation, it will become clear if we can live freedom.


Uranus urges us to change things – even if it’s not our wish. He shows us our reality. “Look at this situation, are you really happy with this situation, do you really want to continue like this?” He asks us what we want . “Think and see if there are alternatives to your situation that will make you happier and bring you more quality of life .”

This is now an area where these energies work from Uranus.

For example, if we have a lot of financial burdens, we will see how we can get away from this pressure.

Astrological topic in Mai 2018 are the finances.

Another astrological area is the financial or financial assets. In May 2018, and a few months later, major financial fluctuations may take place. Some see it as a bit dramatic, but I do not want to announce any catastrophes.

Recognition of realities.

It’s about understanding. People think in certain thought models and constructs. When Uranus makes certain astrological aspects, one suddenly comes to facts and realities. Maybe we suddenly understand that we miscalculated. Or an important issue has not developed as we have planned .

As a result, these findings also bring about certain adjustments , which in turn affect the market.

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Jupiter and Uranus – consider all risks!

If you want to make money investments in the second half of 2018 , it is wise to consider all risks. It’s good to see if it’s a good financial setup for you.

A key point is that we need to consider more information to be able to assess situations more concretely .

This opposition of Jupiter and Uranus is a major issue this year .


Life wants to be lived!

There is still a third astrological energy , which is very noticeable this year. By Saturn in Capricorn we want to get more feeling for ourselves . We long for real life. Life situations want to be experienced, felt and experienced more intensively by us.

The study of matter and everything related to the study of matter becomes an important factor. This can be, for example, gardening or sculpting sculptures. In a creative sense, Saturn is linked to acting. So maybe we discover our own muse .This does not necessarily lead to a job, but is fulfilling to feel for yourself.

The message of Saturn.

It is the message of Saturn about dealing with the body, about experiencing it better or feeling different.

Experience the body and matter.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, the argument was more about the intellect , about the spiritual or about the knowledge. Now it’s more about the personal experience. That’s why there is the link to matter. Explanation of matter can also be expressed quite simply, with the need to buy more. Saturn awakens the urge in us to experience more about one’s body and matter.

Saturn will play very well in 2018 and lead to the right timing. He will help people who are traveling too fast and help them to get the right time rhythm. Developing the timing for yourself will be the perceptible astrological energy.

The other mood this year brings us so far to our own limits.

With self-knowledge – am I happy in my life?

If we do not feel happy, this opposition to Uranus will show us that it is important to change things. Perhaps there are other aspects that we should consider to make our lives harmonious.

2018 is a very exciting year in which a great deal will happen and will personally help you to continue and grow.