September – Solution comes

Welcome to the Astrobarometer for September 2018

September – Jupiter brings solutions

Dynamic comes into our lives.

The month of September feels very good as some favorable planetary positions bring new dynamic and drive in our lives.

This will be particularly noticeable from the first week of September. Then we notice the desire and the need to take things back into the hand. It is also possible to feel the greater trust in ourselves. Most of the time we are confident that things will work better again than they did until now.

May, June, July, August were very difficult from the planetary constellations . That’s why not everything worked so well during that time.

Over the past few months, you have been working on projects and trying to develop them further. You will have noticed that these matters are very difficult to get underway.


September Astrology Trend

From September, things will work again.

But that is changing now. From September it can work very well.

This not only applies to September, but also to the next months. This is the beginning of this astrologically good phase around 6th – 7th September.

The fact that Jupiter is in a very good astrological position and is supported by other planets, relaxes everything.

Jupiter is a lucky charm!

That means above all that he brings solutions.

Of course, the solutions the planet Jupiter will bring already exist. The fact that we are so involved in everyday life, the obvious is often very far away .

Jupiter is the planet that helps us to see things better. Maybe also to see, as we have not seen before. This is especially favorable and helps us to develop things further.

Fortunately, now for each of us the opportunity to use this dynamic. Much can be taken forward in our professional or private situation.

So that feels very good.

In September you should know where you want to go.

Two things are very important in this context. You should know exactly where you want to go .

Having a goal or goals is especially important this month.

Why is a goal so important?

With this clear objective, you have the opportunity to see where there are still difficulties. In the next month and in the following it is possible for you to dissolve them, as it is easier to handle and easier to implement.

To feel just as important and especially strong in September, in which you have too much in it.

You have the opportunity to see for yourself if you are entangled in situations and are overburdening yourself. Or perhaps have taken too much responsibility .

You will recognize that especially well in September. Also, the time starts to make a change if you want it.

That means letting go or letting things take their own course.

But September is a great month.

Astrology trend September

The positive spirit of optimism in September.

With this prevailing new spirit of optimism, you can do it easily. A mood of optimism in a positive sense. However, your personal mood may suffer.

If you try to improve situations and solve problems, it is very good for the things that are going on. It enhances your feeling of having more impact on your environment and personal development.

Look at your mind – happy?

But your personal mood will not necessarily be improved.

Although there is a good time ahead of you, it is wise to look at your mind. Not on your emotions, but on your mind. See for yourself whether you are feeling oppressed. See if there might be a bit more freedom for you.

So it is not necessarily important to create change. It helps you to realize that your state of mind is not necessarily related to the functioning outside, but to yourself.

If it applies to you this month, it might be a good time to consider what makes you happy. What do you need to achieve a better mood in your everyday life.

As you can see, the month of September is a very eventful month. Since a lot is created and a lot is coming up to you, he will probably pass very quickly.

As a result, you will not be bored.





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