Astrological special – up side down

Astrological a special time.

Everything is upside down.

August is a astrological special month this time.

What makes this time so astrological special?

It’s funny because we feel like the planets are playing with us and messing around with us.

There is an constellation that is astrological special and charged with tension. From 7.8. until 19 August, Mercury is declining in the Lion . At the same time, Uranus is also declining in the Taurus. Both planets are in a zodiac sign, in which they can develop their qualities only conditionally and come under pressure with themselves.

What makes the special constellation is that Mercury and Uranus are squared during this time. So they create a non-standard atmosphere.

Mercury is responsible for reflective processes, activities and chronological processes in time. Uranus often has to do with spontaneous developmental processes, with mental conflict and, above all, the time factor is very relevant to Uranus.

Astrology Eric Schneider

You dont understand why.

Since both planets are not in their best position and at the same time hinder each other, minor or major turbulences arise in our daily activities .

In an attempt to intellectually analyze these processes, you will not get on with yourself. The conclusions you draw for yourself are not liberating.

It feels a bit like the normal activities that usually work without problems now evolve in a different way.

There can be no reason for blockages that you can not judge. The impression, everything is upside down and you do not understand why it all is so.

Step out.

In fact, right now, the planets are running their thought processes differently than they usually are. They handle routine situations differently without you being aware of them.

The retrograde nature of the planets and the prevailing aspect awakens in you the desire to step out of everyday life stories and experience more freedom.

There’s nothing wrong with being spontaneous and improvising. Because these phases are meant to create creative freedom. To get out of this everyday life, to let ideas and imagination go in a playful way.

Astrologer Eric Schneider

A very rich time.

I think it’s a very good time. Even if you may get confused with your thoughts. It is through this strong imagination that you realize what you are eating and what you can do to feel more free in life.

This astrological time is very rich.

Something important. Keep in mind that your thoughts will jump in a flash during this time. What feels light in your imagination or imagination is often not so easy to bring to reality.

But I feel that time very enriching. It brings you some conceptual examples of your own personal development. What you miss, what you miss.

What exactly happens during this time, this almost two weeks?

Their activities, which normally work well, are suddenly mixed up. The timelines are not running as smoothly as they normally work.

It feels like things are developing or happening in slow motion. Also expect that there will be delays.

Also matters where the time aspect is very important need more time to complete . This does not mean that you do not reach your goal, but you have to make a long detour. To get to the endpoint. Sometimes it is necessary to use a completely different way.

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