Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus, one of the most important astrological events this year 2018 is the transit of Uranus.

The transit of Uranus from Aries to Taurus

Uranus goes from Aries to the Zodiac Taurus. This event takes place in mid-May. Then planet Uranus spends longer years in the star sign Taurus. Uranus takes 84 years to circle all the signs of the zodiac. The last time Uranus was in the Taurus, in this position 84 years ago. He stays in a zodiac for about seven years.
That is why his transit through the single star sign is so significant.

The effect of Uranus in the Taurus will develop slowly.

For example, the moon traverses a star sign in two and a half days. We feel the qualities of the moon much stronger and faster, because there are so accurate time windows. We feel when the transit begins and when it ends. This makes it easier to see which planet is linked to the short transit of the moon.

The effects of Uranus are more difficult to perceive. Because its effects arrive more slowly, they are more subtle. Thus, the effects of Uranus in Taurus will develop slowly and for 7 years.

Uranus goes in Taurus on the 15th of May towards the end of the day. It may be that we do not perceive the transition at all. Many people will not notice this and will not feel it during the coming days. Although, as I mentioned in the April newsletter, the time before transition is often very energetic .

Uranus and Taurus work with each other?

Uranus is fast and speed up.

Let’s see what the planet Uranus and the star sign Taurus mean and what their relationship – Uranus in Taurus – looks like.

The effect of Uranus is about its energy, which gradually manifests or becomes noticeable. Uranus is a planet linked to time. He is very fast on the way, he accelerates, seen from his qualities.

He suddenly brings us to the events.

That’s very important to know. Uranus suddenly brings events to life. We do not know it shortly before, and suddenly there is a new state. You have to understand that Uranus brings us to the events.

Uranus is not a trigger of problems.

Often Uranus is described as a trigger of problems. It is also related to problematic events and difficulties.


Two important aspects of Uranus.

Uranus is therefore also a planet because it deals with the spiritual. He deals with values ​​and new life philosophies and tries to understand them.

Uranus leads to capturing freedom or stokes the desire in us to get or experience freedom. This is an important property of Uranus.

The second significant feature is communication between individuals. Between the individuals and also between the groups. And the communication of the individual with the group.

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Freedom, individualism and togetherness

Uranus strives for freedom and individualism on the one hand. And yet he deals with community and collective processes.
He wants to experience what is important to him in the community. The communication between the individual and the collective is also part of the process.

I do not think so.

One of my personal experiences is that Uranus suddenly becomes aware of what is important. He brings a new look about situations. Hence the sudden or surprising events that open up a new perspective. He brings the situations to light. And that often happens in an unexpected way.


Taurus is responsible for the matter.

Taurus is a star sign that is grounded, with hardness as an element. All down-to-earth qualities belong to Taurus. These include, but are not limited to, work processes, material assets, home, car, money and job. Taurus is also very important for financial matters. He is responsible for the matter, one could roughly say.

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It is an emotional astrolocical sign.

Taurus withstands situations. He is capable of suffering and can handle difficult situations well. He sets a goal and gives himself the time to reach that goal. So it is also resilient in a positive sense.

Taurus is an emotional sign. Moon and Venus are two of his masters. Moon is related to our emotions and feelings. The quality of Venus is enjoyable. They show that he can also be quick-tempered and does not always react so rationally. These emotional states are just as much a part of Taurus as his stubbornness and are a trademark of him.

Taurus enjoys life.

A very good feature of Taurus that many people appreciate is that he enjoys life. He wants to enjoy what he has earned and earned in various ways. Eating, buying, holidays and having fun. Taurus is a connoisseur and goes a bit more than other zodiac signs across the borders when it comes to enjoying. I think it’s great because we manage to take time out with Taurus energy and have fun.

Now we will see how Uranus in Taurus act.

Uranus in Taurus

The planet Uranus puts a little pressure on Taurus because it accelerates processes.

Taurus is responsible for the economic matter and Uranus is the advanced one. Taurus plans for a long time. To do this, Uranus wants to accelerate this regularity which Taurus has.

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We are more risk-averse.

In these phases we may have the desire to develop the financial or material faster because that is part of this sense of freedom. We may be more risk-tolerant and have fewer fears. As a result, we also take higher risks when it comes to financial matters. We easily hide reality.

Uranus is the philosophical one and also fades out the experience of Taurus. These are moments that arise when you get involved in the easygoing. The idea of ​​freedom of Uranus supports Taurus. We already do the things that are important. But we also see that we get more freedom and scope in our actions.

Taurus helps Uranus to bring his projects into reality.

Taurus gives Uranus more stability and helps him to get a shape. Uranus deals with thoughts and philosophies. He has a lot of inspiration and he wants to realize a lot of projects.
Only it is that Uranus comes very hard in reality. His ideas and thoughts are very good, but the projects are not always realized concretely. Taurus has a very good life experience and is pragmatic. He deals with things.

So this Uranus energy can help to take new forms. For example, in terms of labor, this would be homeworking. Or we find other working methods and Taurus helps to bring them to reality.

Taurus helps with his down-to-earth energy to bring the visions of Uranus into the material plane. This is of course a very positive cooperation.

It will hardly be possible without arguments.

This is not always possible without fight or argument. This is one of the good possible developments of this constellation. Since Uranus stays in Taurus for so long, it can take seven or even more years for this to happen. It is the momentum that is now taking place for this development. Some strong confrontations will come for sure when it comes to time management.

Since Uranus in Taurus will accompany us for the next few years, there are always current and interesting events. In the course of the development, I will repeatedly publish articles and videos with current constellations of the planets with Uranus.


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