Astrological consultation

Astrologer Eric Schneider

works as a full-time consulting astrologer with an international clientele.
In the heart of Vienna, Austria.

He is highly specialized in

Possibilities of development of the personality,
Spiritual advancement,
Guidance in partnership.

astrologische beratung


Session also with Skype.

My office is in Vienna, Austria. In the heart of Europe.

With my clients all over the world I Skype or speak by Phone.

For your astrological appointment you reach me via email

The fee for one hour consultation is 100 Euro
+ 5 Euro charges for bank or Paypal.




What can I do as an astrologer for you?

Your questions or topics that are close to your heart are the focus of my astrological counseling. As a serious astrologer, of course, I also look at your situation comprehensively in the astrological and, if you like, in an energetic context.

You get already with my initial consultation, a realistic overview and good orientation about your situation.
I am pleased to welcome you in my office in Vienna 1080, also by phone or Skype.

Get the answers to your private, professional and spiritual questions.

Our astrological conversation deepens your understanding of your own life situation.
Do you have specific questions about specific topics?
You would like to know your potential possibilities about love, career or your own qualities?
At turning points in life, are you looking for the deeper meaning?
You would like to clarify your partnership questions?

For me, it is also important that you gain specific tips for yourself, and use them in a lifelike manner. I will teach you the quality of the time, the potentialities of your potential, and the often untapped energies and powers that can be seen in your chart. It pays for your own personal development to get a comprehensive view of yourself.

Astrology for your personal development

When certain issues of life are addressed, you have the opportunity to deal with them, even if you want to avoid them. You gain clarity about the interaction of your personality and your environment. Learn the possibilities and the time quality and time phases to achieve personal or professional goals and to realize oneself.

Uncover your personal horoscope in the entire spectrum.

Take a look at your emotional, intellectual and entrepreneurial potential and maybe get to know new and unknown aspects of your personality!

Astrological consulting for entrepreneurs

With my astrological advice, I offer you the right support for your business projects. Astrology is a very helpful tool that I use to calculate the important phases of your project. My astrological analysis provides you with an excellent way to plan your new business ventures or projects already in progress.

Your questions about business topics.

Do you have questions about your business and are looking for answers to realize your projects?
Are you looking for the timing and the right time for your business?
You want to explore the realization?
Are you looking for the most effective way of dealing with your business partners?

Astrologe-Eric Schneider Astrologische Beratung

What does astrology bring you?

Planets initiate short or multi-year cycles that bring many possibilities. Knowing which topics are active makes it easier for you to share your strengths and define your goals.

Maybe there is a challenging situation ahead of you, or you are currently in a transitional phase. This makes it easier for you to handle the situations with the help of astrology. Because you are able to prepare for any requirements. How often do situations resolve from one day to the next just because the new phase comes!

What can astrology do?

I see astrology as an extremely good, concrete tool for self-discovery and self-realization. Astrology also allows me to find the best times for you to start important companies. Such as stays abroad, wedding, change of residence, child planning, to name a few. They get far-reaching and coherent information about themselves and their concerns. So you benefit from the astrological advice.

What makes a good astrologer?

My interpretation is based on my many years of experience in astrology. This gives me the competence and security to clear statements. Your conversation with me is not judgmental, but a neutral consideration of your situation.

My more than 35 years experience as an astrologer.

I do not use imaginative vocabulary to impress you. In my astrological counseling, I address your questions in a competent manner. All your topics are equally important to me. It’s all about the priority of my client. As a good astrologer, I can tell you what time evolution and time quality you are in.

Astrologische Beratung wien

Your business projects.

Support the development of your business project. Recommended for the development of your business projects is a continuous astrological accompaniment. The deeper understanding of time quality and the challenge of the situation opens up room for maneuver.

Astrology is a useful instrument for analyzing cooperation and negotiations. Even when negotiating or collaborating with other companies, an astrological view can be beneficial.

The astrological time quality helps to find the right timing.

Whether private or business projects. As an astrologer, I calculate the most advantageous timing and time to start your projects. So you can react quickly to new events and adapt your strategy to the circumstances.

New challenges and unanswered questions. Often it’s not just the big changes in your life that raise questions. You may want to start expressing your qualities and seek support for it. Or encounters with people or situations give you puzzles. Also, some questions that you have to deal with and to which you want to find an answer are a good opportunity to come to me.