Eric Schneider

Consulting Astrologer

I am a qualified and professional astrologer with more than 35 years of expirience. Based in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

As a full-time advisory astrologer, I am consulted by a pleasant international clientele.

And specialized in

Phases of life
Time cycles
Possibilities of development of the personality,
Spiritual advancement.

In my astrological consulting work, I have specialized in personality development, life phases and time cycles.

And work with clients of a broad range of age groups and backgrounds.

If you want to get to know my work and gain a new perspective, I look forward to your call or e-mail. Even with my initial consultation you will get a realistic overview and good orientation about your situation. It is my pleasure to meet you for an astrological consultation in my office, by phone or via skype.

English, French and German language.

What can I do as an astrologer for you? Our astrological conversation deepens your understanding of your own life situation.

Your questions or topics that are important to you are the focus of my astrological advice. As a serious astrologer, I take a comprehensive look at your situation in the entire astrological context. Among other things, which aspects of your life are likely to require your attention.

One of my methods of astrological counseling is based on which resources you can use to cope with your situation and to develop areas of life. And if you want, you can also experience the energetic connection with the astrological aspects. Or the current energetic state of your energy system.