Venus Uranus Conjunction May 2019

Venus Uranus conjunction in the star sign Taurus

As of May 16, the planet Venus is in conjunction with the planet Uranus.

In the sign of renewal!

This constellation takes place quite often.
But the special thing this time is that this astrological event happens in the star sign Taurus. About 60 years ago, in May of 1936, this Venus-Uranus Taurus aspect took place for the last time. That’s very important.

Many people experience for the first time how this connection feels in Taurus.

Since Venus is master of the Taurus, astrologically the present conjunction has a stronger effect.

Venus stands for experiences as well as for mood and feelings. When a Venus aspect occurs, the enjoyment is very addressed. These are all possible life interactions that have to do with enjoyment. Material experiences that bring joy are also very important to Venus. When you give or receive gifts, you and your surroundings will enjoy it. This good mood during this event is an expression of Venus. They are surprised, rejoice and give that joy back to their counterparts and the joy is shared.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, transformation and progress.

Venus Uranus in Taurus gives you a new look at yourself.

This Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus gives us a new look at ourselves.

We realize how we have experienced life through our feelings or moods. Only we take a new perspective and look at it from another side. We may perceive completely new feelings that are now evolving and becoming clear to us.

The desire for expansion is palpable.

In May and a little later in June, you will find out about the desire to broaden your experience. Experiences that have satisfied you so far, you would like to expand and learn in a different way. There are experiences in different forms addressed.

For example, enjoying communication with the people. You want to intensify your friendships or bring in deeper topics of conversation. In this way you change and stimulate your encounter with people.

You will see what else is in you!

You will not develop a new character or traits now! 🙂

But it opens up new fields of interest or impressions. In addition, these new aspects of your personality come to light that want to be perceived.

This is an astrologically small period of 4 to 5 weeks, showing you what else is in you.

Above all, this need for freedom, if it is even stronger in you, will show the way.

Uranus brings us out of the routine.

In many life situations, the events are there and you feel their mood. On the one hand in the daily routine. Thus, family, work, friends and your social life are addressed.

This period of time will be especially important to you as an individual, as you want to feel liberated from the routine.

This ambition has to do with the star sign Taurus. Taurus represents the regular processes and the and routine. In other words, he addresses the material matters we need to care for daily.

Am I happy with what I am doing?

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, you will experience this desire for freedom more.

Perhaps the material has a great importance for you. As a result, you have a lot of pressure and taken on. Under the pressure you feel, you will at least think at this time “Is that what makes me happy? Can joy arise in me at all? “Venus is indeed this joy, which also comes through our creativity.

I do not necessarily mean earning money. Even with the design of your home, you may be overburdening yourself. If, in the end, you can not enjoy the pleasure of what you have created through exhaustion.

The question will be, does this joy arise over what I do?

Venus speaks to our feelings.

With Venus our feelings are addressed. So maybe our interpersonal relationships will work differently than usual. Topics that you would not otherwise dare to address courageously. Or you are more open in conversations with friends or your partner and allow more than usual.

Venus Uranus and freedom.

The main theme of Venus-Uranus in Taurus is Freedom.

We want to feel more free. Above all, we want to feel good and the feeling of freedom is part of it.

This positive conjunction stimulates us to make changes in our life processes. Our way of doing things is also under our scrutiny.

Reorient yourself and take new directions.

Although the time of this stimulating energy is relatively short, about 6 weeks, it will have a longer term or lasting effect.

The experience you gather now will help you to reorient yourself a bit. It is now easier to embark on new directions that you may have been considering for some time but have seriously considered implementing them.

Keep your impatience in check.

This Venus Uranus conjunction in the Taurus is very strong. Thus, there is also an important aspect to consider, namely the impatience and restlessness.

You feel a bit driven by yourself, because you want to gain extensive experiences and experiences in the field of feelings. It feels like when you want to slip out of your own skin, try new situations to renew oneself.

The factor of renewal is very important. This tendency is present in many life situations.

Not every person will feel these energies so clearly. But the wind of change is palpable for everyone. Even if these changes are small, the step or the new direction is set, for the larger changes later.

Venus Uranus Stier