Sun – Jupiter in Sagittarius

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Welcome to the Astrobarometer for the month of December 2018.

Sun – Jupiter in Sagittarius

Joy, confidence and a good mood

Sun-Jupiter make a significant conjunction in Sagittarius.

December is always the month of the Sagittarius. This year is particularly noteworthy, because the planet Jupiter has come into Sagittarius and will remain there for a whole year. Jupiter is the master of the Sagittarius and there is his home.

This December is a very special month because it is especially good. The astrological reason for this is that a Sun Jupiter conjunction takes place in Sagittarius . This Sun Jupiter conjunction has a particularly positive and enlightening effect on our mood.

Strengthening our self-confidence

The sun is the shining and light-bringing planet. Jupiter brings the confidence, also the belief in oneself and the positive attitude to the things. He is a lucky planet because it strengthens our original self-confidence in us . As a result, we approach situations differently. We are not stuck in our position and thereby gain a different and perhaps more helpful point of view. So the same situation is shown in a different light and is approached or overcome more dynamically by us.

Sagittarius and Jupiter unfold

This particularly outstanding constellation affects the entire month of December 2018 and shapes the mood very much. It also means that the positive qualities of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter are fully effective .

The topics of Sagittarius and Jupiter are very similar. They include all sorts of social encounters with people as well as versatile activities. Especially the thirst for adventure and the desire for expansion, in many different directions, are addressed.

Sonne im Schützen

Optimistic and with confidence

It is important to understand that when positive aspects of Jupiter are there, the same situations suddenly feel different. Of course, it is not the case that suddenly everything will change of itself or suddenly everything will work by itself. By contrast, we experience situations more optimistic and approach our affairs with much more confidence. That’s why we get another sight and access to similar situations.

Often this positive attitude has a solving effect on a problem. With a natural optimistic mind, you will find other or easier solutions than before.

We keep in focus that this positive energy accompanies us throughout the month of December and creates a good mood. A major energy is also the expansion that takes place in all sorts of topics.

Venus and Mars

In addition to this main aspect of the Sun Jupiter conjunction, there are two other astrological aspects that make the difference.

These are Venus and Mars. The two planets usually play an important role in moods and developments over the course of a month. Venus and Mars set the tone for how we experience and enjoy each month.

The two planets show us how we encounter situations in life and point out what concerns us inwardly.

In December, Venus is in the sign of the Scorpio, so you want to enjoy this existing good mood even stronger and feel very intense. You just want to have more and more of it.

Venus and Mars show us the way how we experience the situation and how we can enjoy the situation.

A dynamic position of Venus and Mars is crucial for a positive experience or to see where our attention goes.

Mars is the planet of action. It shows how you react to situations. When Mars is not in a strong position, you tend to get the mood on you. On the other hand, if Mars is in a stronger position, try to realize or enforce your goals.

Fish makes goal setting more difficult

This month, Mars is in the sign of the fish. This means that the energy from Mars is not so clearly defined. His energy dissipates a bit and spreads in different directions. This makes the objective more difficult for you. Our attention is lost in different directions.

Specifically, we may be more likely to get bogged down. Or, on the contrary, in certain situations we tend to stick to our goals too much.

Perfect for immersion in the joy

In summary, I would say that the month of December is perfect for a lot of fun. Also companies present themselves in a very good light.

Simply immerse yourself in this positive attitude to life and let yourself be absorbed is highly recommended. Let yourself be carried away by the good mood for an optimal experience.

On the subject of Jupiter in Sagittarius there is a more detailed video and a Artkel in a few days, where I go more into the details.


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