Sun and Mars are pushing us forward

Mars takes action

Sun and Mars are pushing us forward

Sun in Aries

The Sun and Mars are high aspected! This April is a very exciting month. He is very much linked to activities. This brings forth the position of the Sun in Aries . Aries connects us with activities and actions again and again. He encourages us to go outside, to do things and to take steps.

Mars provides for strong zest

The second effective aspect is the planet Mars. Mars is the master of the Aries zodiac and is now in the Gemini. Currently, Mars is in opposition to the planet Jupiter, which is in Sagittarius. Some astrological information is included 🙂

Especially this opposition creates a strong dynamic. Usually, the planet Mars sets the direction. He pushes us and pushes us to start actions. Often this dynamic goes in a very specific direction, which we can not escape easily.

Mars in Gemini spread his energy in different directions. Accordingly, in April you will want to head for two or more destinations at the same time.

The good aspect of the sun in connection with the planet Mars, entices us more than usual our wishes or our plans to implement.

There is one more increase

At the moment there is an increase of this powerful energy. Planet Jupiter, which stands for expansion and multiplication, brings with its opposition to Mars a wealth of thoughts and ideas.

In sum, April is a very exciting month. They are full of ideas. Her inspiration and creativity are also very much addressed, which you would like to implement immediately with the dynamics of the Aries. So it’s an excellent situation as you are very motivated and excited to make things a reality.

The best way to handle this energy is to have more concrete goals or know your priorities. As perhaps the difficulty arises that you get confused with the chronology of the processes.

The peculiarity is the amount of thought

The peculiarity of the constellation in April is the abundance of thoughts.

As a result, everyone in his field will find some opportunities to evolve. However, one thing remains difficult – the month of April will be too short to live it all out. One way would be to mentally record or write down your projects to later revisit those ideas later in the year.

Uranus im Stier

No breath

Sun in Aries and Mars opposition is the main energy in this month of April, which puts us urgent steps.

In my experience, a great urge to be active arises when certain strong astrological constellations are addressed. Regardless of whether we are inherently passive or active, we can not avoid this urge.

Yet another positive but subtle aspect becomes apparent as you realize how free you are in life. The implementation of your projects can be very easy or involve some hindrances. This will make you see more clearly than anywhere else where you are handicapped or stand in your own way.

Uranus in the Taurus

Personal development through matter

The idea of ​​freedom is the second most important energy in April. The planet Uranus, who has been back in the sign Taurus for fourteen days, awakens in us the desire for more freedom in our lives.

I have already explained this Uranus in the Taurus topic earlier in this article ………

Only briefly addressed. We also want to experience our personal development or self-realization in matter. For example, we enthusiastically turn loose interests into hobbies. Or larger material plans are now being approached to experience this personal development.

It’s not like we did not try or do that earlier. Now it is still a little different, we are with more passion and enthusiasm.

Taurus is connected with matter

The image of the Taurus is linked to matter and Uranus is freedom and self-realization.

Through the actions that we now set, we also want to experience the freedom in us and to feel more intense. Rather, we also want to get more leeway in our own lives.

For example, in a job situation this could be such that you now feel the urge to regain more freedom or self-determination. Either by changing within your business by changing the department or the location of your workplace. You may want to reduce working hours, or at least adapt more flexibly, to gain more time for your self-fulfillment.

Freedom impulses through Uranus in the Taurus

It could also be the moment when you revise your attitude towards old or ongoing situations. The enthusiasm with which you support things so far is suddenly not so fulfilling anymore and you see the need to take a different path. Or to deal with it differently.

All these freedom impulses are triggered by Uranus in the Taurus.

In summary, April is very pleasant, because firstly, you will be full of energy and motivated to allow changes. Much will be possible through this good dynamics. And you will find solutions more easily because your motivation to make changes is very high.

The second good aspect is the good inspiration for your own life.

It would be best if you could capture this enthusiasm and diverse thoughts so that you can draw on it in the coming months.

Mars im Zwilling