Strong scorpion aspects

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Strong scorpion aspects 

Scorpio aspects bring us intense energy.

Astro barometer for November 2018.

The month of November is a very exciting month from an astrological point of view.

Scorpio Energy brings an extraordinary time!


There are several reasons why the month of November is very busy. Especially the first ten days in the month of November. It will be really turbulent – many things will develop.

So many topics come to you in parallel. On the one hand, matters that are now closing, as well as new ideas coming to you from all sides. In any case, this month of November is an astrologically extraordinary time .

Maybe there will be some surprise for you!

In the month of May I already mentioned that the planet Uranus changed into the star sign Taurus . The current aspects of November are related to this event.

If you want to know more or refresh the topic Uranus in Taurus read in the blog. Since I have explained this important topic a bit more detailed.

A very strong astrological constellation in the star sign Scorpio.

In the month of November there is a very strong astrological constellation in the sign of the Scorpio, in opposition to this aspect of Uranus in Taurus.

These whole emotional topics of the month of May will come up again and be reactivated . For example, your urge to want to change things and the inner need to push things forward will be stronger again.

Sternzeichen Skorpion November

Be prepared for surprises!

With this opposition to Uranus, the issues will suddenly pop up or even surprise you! You may also feel that as a slight pressure in your life situation.

Of course I do not mean that catastrophes happen. For example, you may feel that everything is going around a bit. Or the impression that things are upside down. Generally, the feeling of confusion spreads.

Projects they have planned can not be easily implemented, and things they have not planned suddenly come to life themselves. Even activities that have disappeared from their focus, are again up to date and demand more attention from you.

Jupiter moves from scorpion to Sagittarius.

In the month of November, the planet Jupiter, which was now a whole year in the sign of the Scorpio, changes into the Sagittarius.

This is a very good and excellent development. Jupiter is astrologically domiciled in Sagittarius. This means that he can fully develop and spread his qualities .

The planet Sagittarius belongs to the slower planets and stays for about a year in each star sign. Each time there is a change of these slow planets from one zodiac to another, the topics that you have not personally processed yet are very much in focus and often require a solution .

This sometimes feels like pressure or light stress because you want to quickly find a solution to these issues.

Strong scorpion aspects trigger intense energies.

In the first days of November, the planet Venus is declining in the scorpion . As mentioned, Jupiter arrives at the end of the scorpion and faces its transition. Also, the sun is in the scorpion .

And to give even more importance and energy to these planetary positions in Scorpio, all these astrological aspects are, of course, in opposition to the planet Uranus in Taurus .

This very strong constellation triggers very intense energies.

Thus, practically in the first ten days of the month of November very changeable moods arise, in which you are drawn.

Astrologie Vorschau November

A few tips to deal with these strong scorpion energies.

The scorpion energy is a very emotional and passionate energy. In conjunction with her, you tend to get involved in old topics again. They try to redesign everything, as well as to re-evaluate. It is certainly faster to engage in confrontations.

More important in this time, the matters are to be completed and not reopen again . Sometimes, in those emotional moments, it happens that you dive too deeply into the subject matter and want to start all over again.

Of course, everyone has to know how important that is for themselves. Often a good compromise is more effective than rebuilding everything.

If you are scorpion or have strong scorpion aspects.

If you are a scorpion or have a strong scorpion constellation in your birth radix, you may be a little more affected by this energy than other humans. Nonetheless, that should not be a major challenge for you either. Try to define clear goals for yourself. Not everything that appears now as a topic, must also be treated equally important.

2nd half of November brings relaxation.

The second half of November will be influenced mainly by the change of the planet Jupiter, which will go into Sagittarius.

Above all, a relaxed mood will be felt. There will also be a positive mood in life. With Jupiter in Sagittarius you have more confidence and are in principle more relaxed. Especially the second half of this month will be a very pleasant and relaxing time.

I wish you a pleasant month of November and have fun!

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