Mars in Taurus

Welcome to the Astrobarometer for February 2019.


Aquarius is freedom-loving

February is the month of Aquarius. As a result, the topics related to the Aquarius are in the foreground.

The main focus is about freedom and individuality. For the Aquarius, it is a strong need to get rid of the routine. He wants to have at least the feeling that he is allowed to live more freedom than usual.

Strategies for more freedom

This freedom-loving Aquarian energy entices us to deal with situations differently than usual. At the moment it is important to us not to get caught up in the routine of everyday life. We try to gain more leeway over the everyday things. It could be that you are floundering in dreams or pursuing the important things with insufficient attention.

One strategy is to simply avoid things that are uncomfortable for us. So we may pursue more interesting activities that we like to be distracted by. We also allow more dreams to experience the feeling of more freedom.

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Mars is in a very good position

Our mood is positive

In the first half of February, Mars is doing very well and has a positive impact on our mood. We feel freer in general and it is easier to pursue one’s goals. In addition, it is also easier to complete some projects.

Intuitively, we follow what we enjoy and let us feel the freedom. This very good energy is particularly strong for the first 14 days.

Later, the timing is better for smaller projects.

Mars in the Taurus

From the middle of February the energy goes in a different direction. The planet Mars transits from the star sign Aries into the star sign Taurus.

Much decelerates through the energy of Mars in the sign of the Taurus.

If you are one of those people who plan a lot or do a lot, this time can be a bit difficult. By that I mean the second half of February.

The easier you handle difficulties, the better the results. If you tend to exert pressure, some situations may even come to a standstill. Tensions could also arise.

Freedom feeling of the Aquarius energy

The month of February does not dictate any direction, it is fairly neutral. It is above all to enjoy experience and the feeling of freedom.

See how you can best handle these fluctuations. As you can see, the month of February is very dependent on their own mood.

If you put too much pressure on yourself, then it’s easy for some things to falter.

Maybe you will experience the month of February best if you follow this water-breathing energy. Take the events with ease. It is also helpful to handle situations in a playful way. Aquarius gives us the opportunity to feel our joie de vivre much easier.

If you also plan a little time for yourself, then you are sure to come through this month relaxed.

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