Jupiter in Sagittarius

November 2018 to December 2019

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a very powerful and auspicious energy.

The planet Jupiter changes in November 2018 from the star sign Scorpio into the star sign Sagittarius.This energy will be noticeable to us throughout the year 2019.

Even though Jupiter and Sagittarius particularly appeal to the Sagittarius energy, this powerful energy affects all humans under each star sign.

Self-awareness and development is an essential direction.

The planet Jupiter, which transits into the Sagittarius, remains in Sagittarius for one year, where he is at home. All the qualities of Jupiter are lived out more optimally than in any other sign of the zodiac. Because Jupiter and Sagittarius are very affine, you can communicate very well with each other.

Jupiter and his qualities

Jupiter stands for the quality of expansion. He explores everything that arouses his interest. It goes to the limits and is extremely adventurous.

The planet Jupiter wants to gain as much experience as he can. Or experience as much as possible. His energy pushes us outward and leads us to experience more of life.

As you can see, Jupiter is a very powerful planet. He supports us, in which he brings many positive developments. Through him, we also have more confidence and is a lucky charm in our activities.

So the planet Jupiter is a very significant aspect in the horoscope and astrology.


The star sign Sagittarius is very similar to the planet Jupiter from the effect. He also shows us which topics are important. Sagittarius tries to accumulate a lot of information in different areas. He is also in great need of collecting experiences.

I would like to address three topics. Of course, there are other topics that are important, I have now spontaneously taken out these. One of them is philosophy of life.

Philosophy of life

By that I mean reflecting on certain topics of life and finding out a lot.
What are the connections and backgrounds in social life? What happens around me, at work or with my friends? We question the relationships between ourselves and our fellow human beings.

So not necessarily the philosophy in the higher sense meant, but also generally the everyday topics. What we try to find ourselves and position ourselves. It’s about the question, what makes you yourself in life


The second subject of the shooter is about science.

He encounters the life in which he gathers knowledge. Sagittarius is very inquisitive and eagerly gathers information from all possible sources and in very different forms. He often accumulates much more than he needs or can handle.

This ranges from intellectual topics to everyday practical topics. Of course, he is very keen to know everything about his hobbies or his own interests. He would like to have this information always close to him.

Art or aesthetics

A third important part that appeals to Sagittarius is art or aesthetics.

Sagittarius tries to find out the optimal aesthetics for his life.
What is important to me? Which colors inspire me, which music moves me? Optical stimuli are also very important. Everything related to art and harmony fits in with this theme.

To integrate aesthetics and harmony into his life is a great need for him.

Jupiter Astrologie

Jupiter in Sagittarius

With the transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius, these aspects become much more extreme. The interest in these expansive and philosophical issues is even more significant than usual. Of course, there are other important issues that make up Sagittarius. I have now spontaneously highlighted these examples to illustrate it a bit.

Sagittarius people are trying to experience themselves by gathering knowledge and information in a very passionate way. One could also say that Sagittarius tries to find his place in life by dealing with people and social values. He seeks the way he positions himself, towards the community and the individuals.

Valid for every sign of the zodiac

With the transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius these themes are exhausted. No matter what star sign you are born of, you are trying harder than usual to deal with these questions. The topics are characterized by personal hobbies and own vital interests.

Take as an example – cooking. So you try to expand everything around the cooking. For example, how are foods produced, what is the cultural background? We are interested in the country of origin and perhaps also in their traditional recipes. What are more nutritious ingredients or how can I improve my recipes?

The desire to try new things, to expand our wealth of experience, can be hoped for some culinary experiments. Maybe we fall back on forgotten traditions and indulge in old cookbooks.

Where do I stand, where do I go?

It is not just about these everyday topics but also philosophical topics are more important.

We feel the urge to find out “where do I stand in my own life”. We think about everything about our development and our place in life. Where do I want to go? What options are available to me? What would make me happy and happy?

Through this Sagittarius energy, our engagement with our destiny in life is addressed even more. As you can see, all topics related to self-awareness and development are addressed.

The look for ourselves

This Jupiter – Sagittarius energy has a very expansive effect. Sometimes it pushes us to our limits, so we will not miss anything. So it is possible for us to collect everything that seems important to us. This phase can serve us to get a better look for ourselves. We can more easily see where we are in society and in life. And where we want to go and what kind of development we want to take.

If you have recently been a little disoriented, this positive phase will help you get to know other aspects of yourself. You may be more clear about yourself and your situation.

So the theme of self-awareness and personal development is important this year!

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