Astrological constellations 2019

Astrological Preview 2019

Very rare constellations have positive effects

Astrological preview for the year 2019.

The planetary constellation is very extraordinary in 2019, because it is extremely rare and perfect in its effect. So right at the front, the year 2019 will be a very good year and has a positive effect on many areas of life.

What is so unusual about the planetary constellation?

If a planet takes its original position, it says “he is in the domicil”. In the domicile the planet unfolds its strongest effect.

In 2019, even three planets will be at the same time in domicil,

these are Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune . This is an extremely rare case, this simultaneity, considering that

Jupiter only every 12 years, Saturn only every 30 years and Neptune land only every 165 years in the domicil.

In January and April there is still a strong effect of Mars, which gives us the driving force and the will to implement or change things.

What effect do the 3 planets have?

All 3 planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are responsible for social values . Jupiter focuses on social interests, Saturn takes care of the social structure, for example, politics and the very slow planet Neptune is responsible for the philosophy of life, so what values ​​man believes.

In the foreground in 2019, therefore, are clearly human values and not just superficial, but with real, deep interests. So important are the family, the partnership, friends, work colleagues and also the community itself. Community thinking is in the foreground.

Community, society, matter, and money will all be strongly addressed in 2019, but of course, it does have a slightly different effect on the various zodiac signs.

The material is an important topic in 2019.

We will be dealing very much with the material next year. Money is also an important topic. Of course, this is very much related to professional life or who is not active in professional life, which is then about projects and activities in the private sector.

In business life, many things seem possible!

The great thing is that business ideas or career change wishes seem so real and you believe so much in the success that much can actually work.

Nevertheless, here is something to be careful, that you do not speculate. Because there is also a certain playfulness and a risk-taking with it and you can also too much in tilt. But on the whole, everything is going very well.

Those who have been on the right path with their professional activities or projects before, can be very successful in 2019. You should only make sure that the projects also develop stability for the future.

As mentioned before, January and April are good months because of the driving force of Mars. Projects can be particularly well advanced here.

Money is a strong topic

The topic of money will be discussed next year but also on a different level. We are thinking more, what is the value of money in our lives and here is the circle with the social values, which are so important in 2019. Some may be inclined to work and earn less, but have more time to live. Or you can make it easier to use your money so that you can enjoy life better. Keeping money in the stream also has a very positive effect on the energy in general.

The attitude to life is excellent

A good attitude to life is the third priority next year. The planet Jupiter is in the sign Sagittarius , which occurs only every 12 years. This constellation gives us an extremely good attitude to life. We live in abundance, things are working well and we can really enjoy all of that. And the great luck next year is also that we can realize our ideas of life – whether private or professional – and come to the goal.

For the time being a short mood report, at the beginning of the year 2019.