Astrological consultation

Eric Schneider

works as a full-time consulting astrologer with an international clientele.

In the heart of Vienna, Austria.


He is highly specialized in

Possibilities of development of the personality,

Spiritual advancement,

Guidance in partnership,



Session also with Skype.


What can I do as an astrologer for you?

Your questions or subjects are the main focuses of my astrological reading. As a serious astrologer I look of course also extensively your situation in the whole astrological context, and if you want, also in the energetic connection.

You already attain with our astrolocical reading, a realistic overview and good orientation about your situation.

See your possibilities.

For me it is important that you win concrete tips for yourselve, and these are to be used realistically. I work out the time quality, the possibilities of your potential and the often not yet discovered energy and forces which are to be seen in your horoscope. It is worthwhile for your own personal advancement to receive a comprehensive look at yourself.

As a professional astrologer I have my office in the heart of Vienna Austria. I am very pleased about the confidence I have from my national as well as international clients. Beside the astrology I also work with Mudras, I Ging and Tarot.

I am looking foreward to welcome you as client!

The astrological time quality helps to find the right timing.

Whether your private or business plans. As an astrologer I calculate the most advantageous timing and the best time for the start of your projects. Thus you react fast to new events and adapt your strategy to the circumstances.  

New challenges and unanswered questions. Sometimes not only the big changes in your life give you questions. 


The horoscope is an extensive map of your personality.

The interpretation of your horoscope is a very exciting experience.  You find out maybe totally new abilities and possibilities to be taken up and to be realised. Or you see one or other thing that you always knew from the belly feeling, but could never express.

Discovery your personal horoscope in the whole spectrum.

Have a look at your emotional, spiritual and enterprise potential and get to know maybe new and unknown aspects of your personality

Astrological Consultation Vienna

Astrological cycles determine the rhythm

In certain periods your available personal strengths and weaknesses are activated.

Then there is the possibility for the change, advancement or deepening certain life subjects.

When is a good time for a astrolocial reading?

As soon you have questions to be answerd, it is the suitable time. It is for an overview about your whole situation or to open questions of certain areas of life.



Your birthday.

Perfectly for an astrological preview! For the main focuses of the year an appointment suits all around your birthday. This initiates a new astrological year which brings new energy for all areas of life with itself.

How often does it make sense?

You can often take up an astrological consultation with me like you want. I recommend at least once a year an astrological overview.


Which data I need?

Birthday, birthplace and natal time.

Astrological consultation

Contact me


What makes a good astrologer?

My interpretation is based on my long-standing experience with the subject Astrology. This gives me the competence and security to clear statements. Your conversation with me is no judging, but a neutral consideration of your situation.

My more than 35-year-old experience as astrologer.

I use no highly imaginative vocabulary to impress you. In my astrological consultation I come in competent kind on your questions. All your subjects are equally important for me. It is for me alone about the priority of my client. As a good astrologer I can say you in which time development and time quality you are.

astrologische beratung
astrological consultation
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