Astrological consultation

with Eric Schneider

Our astrological consultation is also with Skype possible.

The timing of your astrological consultation.

How do you reach me and where does our appointment take place?

We skype or make the astrological session by phone. If you are in Vienna than you may come personally to my office in Vienna 1080.
We will coordinate your appointment. Then give me your birth dates as early as you can. These are birth time, place of birth and birthday.

The appointment for your astrological consultation.

As soon as the appointment has been arranged, you can expect about 3-4 days to talk. Shorter-term appointments are sometimes possible but not the rule. Although I try to respond urgently to urgent requests. I’m also looking forward to longer-term appointment requests as it allows more flexibility in planning. My fee is based on the duration of the call at a fixed hourly rate.

The duration of our astrological conversation

An astrological consultation lasts one hour and I answer all the questions that are close to your heart. Depending on your topics, I focus on the current context and future progress. For the current situation, I consider all current astrological constellations and future developments. To analyze the cause or interpretation of birth charts, I analyze the former planetary constellations. And relate them to the current astrological constellation.

Normally you will have a realistic overview and good orientation about your situation after this session. If you know in advance that you need more time to discuss your concerns, tell me when we make an appointment. Of course I like to take that into account.

astrology consultation eric schneider

My office is in Vienna, Austria. In the heart of Europe.

With my clients all over the world I Skype or speak by Phone.

For your astrological appointment you reach me via email

The fee is for one hour consultation is 100 Euro
+ 5 Euro charges for bank or Paypal.

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The hourly rate

Duration: 1 hour
Fee : € 100.-

The hourly rate applies to a one-hour personal conversation in my office, by phone or via Skype.

Included are the necessary astrological calculations, my preparation time and the astrological conversation.
The astrological conversation is purely verbally. You are welcome to record our conversation with voice recorder.

Not included.
Written evaluations. I do neither in advance nor subsequently written evaluations of the conversation or the Radix.

“VAT exempt due to small business regulation”

Further astrological consultation

We would like to discuss your new developments, creative visions or new findings which emerge after our conversation and which you would like to shed light on in follow-up talks. Many of my clients take the opportunity of an astrological consultation with me at least once a year.

For concrete and longer-term projects, a regular situation check is also recommended.

What personal information do I need to calculate your Radix?

I need the birthday, the birth time and the place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, first ask the registry office, where the birth time is often noted. Otherwise, I will calculate the time by astrological calculations and my experience. Of course, the advantage is an approximate birth time. Sometimes an approximate time indication is helpful, such as morning, evening or afternoon.

I’m looking forward to our conversation!

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When is a good time?

As soon as your interest comes in, it is the right time, be it for an overview of your entire situation or for open questions in topics of life.

Your birthday

Perfect for an astrological preview! For the focal points of the year is an appointment around your birthday suitable. It introduces a new astrological year that brings new energies to all walks of life.

How often does it make sense?

You can take an astrological consultation with me as often as you like. I recommend an astrological overview at least once a year.

What data does my astrologer need?

Birthday, birthplace and birth time. At the registry office the birth time is often noted. If you can not find it out, I can use research to narrow down the time.But the more accurate the better.

Astrological consultation Appointment

Just write me with email to