Astrologer Eric Schneider Vienna Europe


As a full-time astrologer I have my office in the heart of Vienna, Europe.

For many years I enjoy the trust of national and international clients. Also ifuture I continue to support them with my knowledge and my intuition .

I am also pleased to welcome you as my client!

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Astrologer Eric Schneider

Eric Schneider is an Astrologer and Tarot Author.

My way of astrology.

A more than 35 year journey.

In my 35-year career as an astrologer, I meet many people with different basic attitudes and motivations. The astrological view opens up a depth of personality if it is read correctly and comprehensively. So, with the help of my astrological and energetic experience, many of my clients find a deeper understanding of themselves and their life situations. Above all, it is important for me that my clients gain concrete tips and solution steps for themselves. And this can also be used easily in practice.

The gift of the good astrologer shows in the mediation of the important and current topics as well as the holistic connections. I see astrology as a good means of self-discovery and self-realization. All the more it is a real relief for some people to finally understand ‘why you are who you are’.

A life for astrology and self-realization.

My intuition in the energetic and subtle realm is very pronounced. This ability has been with me since my early childhood.
During my youth, I began to study astrology and become familiar with the extensive knowledge of the astrological aspects. Immediately, I used my findings in conversations with people and immediately learned in practice. Now I fall back on my experiences of decades of experience. Astrology offers a broad field of research that does not become exhausted over the years, but remains interesting and opens up ever deeper possibilities.

Tarot, Mudras and I Ching

In addition to astrology, I also deal with the interlocking topics Tarot , I Ging , Yoga, Mudras and the energy of the body.
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